Personnel Proficiency Boot Camp
Select, Develop, and Retain 
The Best Employees
This 2-day Personnel Proficiency Boot Camp teaches you how to utilize the DISC Behavior and Motivation Models and incorporate benchmarking to help you select, develop, and retain the right employees for the right job.

Today's businesses can't afford the high cost of turnover, poor performance, and a lack of alignment to company values and goals. The Personnel Proficiency Boot Camp will teach you how to maximize your team using scientifically proven assessments.

HR Professionals, Recruiters, Coaches and Consultants
Exclusive Training 
The key to a successful business is great employee performance.

The key to great employee performance is ensuring their talents and motivation match their job role.
Training Topics Include:
  • Understanding behavioral design and how it applies to employee performance
  • Using DISC Behavioral Reports to identify current and potential employee problems
  • How to build a better team
  • Debriefing skills for DISC Behavioral and Motivator Reports
  • Understanding the 6 basic motivators that affect employee drive and performance
  • Integrating DISC Behaviors and Motivators reports to provide insights for personnel selection and development.
A person's behavior is a necessary and integral part of who they are. By assessing and analyzing someone's internal behavioral style, we can determine:
  • How they respond to problems and challenges
  • How they influence others
  • How they respond to the pace of the environment
  • How they respond to rules and procedures set by others
Eduard Spranger first defined 6 primary types of human motivational drive. Understanding how these primary types and additional motivators affect employees allows us to:
  • Identify and understand a person's unique Driving Forces
  • Match a person's motivators to job requirements and corporate culture
  • Improve communication by recognizing and understanding how Driving Forces interact between people
  • Reduce conflict and increase productivity
Behaviors demonstrate "how" things are done, and Motivators are the "why."
By integrating an understanding of someone's behaviors and motivators, you will be better equipped to identify their value to the organization, communicate with them more effectively, recognize their potential time wasters, ensure employees are working in an environment that matches their needs, and know how to motivate and manage employees more effectively.

Ultimately, you will create a more productive team, and a more successful business by using tools that make the traditional interview process almost obsolete!
Why Behaviors & Motivators Matter
Take Your Personnel Proficiencies To The Next Level!
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Due to the high level of information and interactivity of the training, space is limited to just 8 participants!
Cost: $1200

Dates: February 14-15, 2019

Times: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Location: Herbert University Center at 
                      The University of North Florida
                      12000 Alumni Drive
                      Jacksonville, FL  32224
Your Registration Includes:

  • Participation in 2 days of the Personnel Proficiency Boot Camp
  • YOUR Online Behaviors & Motivators Assessment
  • Workbook
  • Continental breakfast
  • On-location lunch
  • 2-year CBK Assessment Facilitator Certificate with access to CBK Online Behaviors & Motivators Assessment*

*Use of Assessments requires a separate fee per use


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